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The WHA's All Star Game was hardly filled with tradition. Ever-changing league fortunes meant a different format for the annual mid-season classic every year. They tried the most common format of East versus West four times. They tried a Canada-US showdown once, a 3 game series against the Moscow Dynamo which the WHA swept, & also experimented with the Avco Cup champions taking on a team made up of the league's other stars. '74 All Star Game - Cleveland, OH. The annual all-star game was one of the few bright spots it had going for it at times, nearly always a sell-out and a good draw on tv when they got exposure.

DATE      HOST CITY         GAME MVP                                        RESULTS

1973      Quebec, PQ        Wayne Carlton                                  East 6 - West 4 

1974      St Paul, MN        Mike Walton                                      East 8 - West 4

1975      Edmonton, AB   Rejean Houle                                     West 6 - East 4

1976      Cleveland,OH    Real Cloutier/Paul Shmyr                   Canada 6 - USA 1

1977      Hartford, CN     Louis Lavasseur/ Willie Lindstrom      East 4 - West 2

1978      Quebec, PQ       Marc Tardif/Mark Howe                     Quebec 5 - WHA 4

1979      Edmonton, Ab   Not awarded                                      WHA 4 Moscow 2, WHA 4 Moscow 2, 

                                                                                                WHA 4 Moscow 3 


WHA all star game 1972-73

East Division

G Al Smith New England

G Gerry Cheevers Cleveland

G Serge Aubry Quebec

D Rick Ley New England

D JC Tremblay Quebec

D Paul Shmyr Cleveland

D Jim Dorey New England

D Gary Jarrett Cleveland

D Ken Block New York

F Larry Pleau New England

F Ron Ward New York

F Bobby Sheehan New York

F Wayne Carleton Ottawa

F Gerry Pinder Cleveland

F Michel Parizeau Quebec

F Tom Webster New England

F Danny Lawson Philadelphia

F Norm Ferguson New York

F John McKenzie Philadelphia

F Ron Climie Ottawa (Did not Play-Injured)

F John Hanna Cleveland

F Guy Trottier Ottawa (Replaced Climie)

West Division

G Mike Curran Minnesota

G Ernie Wakely Winnipeg

G Jack Norris Alberta

D Al Hamilton Alberta

D Larry Hornung Winnipeg

D Gerry Odrowski Los Angeles

D Terry Ball Minnesota

F Bobby Hull Winnipeg

F Chris Bordeleau Winnipeg

F Norm Beaudin Winnipeg

F Gary Veneruzzo Los Angeles

F Ron Anderson Alberta

F Bob Wall Alberta

F Wayne Connelly Minnesota

F Ted Hampson Minnesota

F Mike Byers Los Angeles

F Jim Harrison Alberta

F Ted Taylor Houston

F Gordon Labossiere Houston

F Jan Popiel Chicago

Coach: Jack Kell

World Hockey Association Game Summary
West All-Stars 2 at East All-Stars 6
Le Colisee
January 6, 1973
West: R. Anderson, T. Ball, N. Beaudin, C. Bordeleau, M. Byers, W. Connelly, M. Curran, A. Hamilton, T. Hampson, J. Harrison, L. Hornung, B. Hull, G. Labossiere, M. McMahon, J. Norris, G. Odrowski, J. Popiel, T. Taylor, G. Veneruzzo, E. Wakely, B. Wall.
East: S. Aubry, K. Block, T. Caffery, W. Carleton, B. Charlebois, G. Cheevers, J. Dorey, N. Ferguson, J. Hanna, G. Jarrett, D. Lawson, R. Ley, J. McKenzie, M. Parizeau, G. Pinder, L. Pleau, P. Shmyr, A. Smith, J. Tremblay, R. Ward, T. Webster.
First Period - 1. West, G. Odrowski (N. Beaudin) 10:39. 2. East, G. Jarrett (R. Ward) 10:51.
Penalties: L. Pleau, East (holding) 4:43; J. Hanna, East (hooking) 12:09; P. Shmyr, East (holding) 17:25; J. Harrison, West (tripping) 19:23.
Second Period - 3. East, J. McKenzie (W. Carleton, K. Block) 3:37. 4. East, L. Pleau (T. Webster, T. Caffery) 12:47. 5. East, J. Dorey (R. Ward, D. Lawson) 19:43.
Penalties: None.
Third Period - 6. West, B. Hull (W. Connelly, C. Bordeleau) 3:05. 7. East, W. Carleton (B. Charlebois, J. Dorey) 8:00.
Penalties: None.

West 8 13 12 - 33
East 18 14 15 - 47

Goaltending: E. Wakely, West, M. Curran, West, J. Norris, West. G. Cheevers, East, A. Smith, East.
Attendance: 5,435.
West Coach: Bobby Hull.
East Coach: Jack Kelley.

World Hockey Association Game Summary
East All-Stars 8 at West All-Stars 4
Saint Paul Civic Center
January 3, 1974
East: R. Backstrom, S. Bernier, W. Carleton, G. Cheevers, J. Dorey, G. Gratton, H. Harris, R. Houle, G. Jarrett, A. Lacroix, R. Ley, R. Paiement, G. Pinder, L. Pleau, B. Selwood, P. Shmyr, T. Simpson, A. Smith, P. Stapleton, J. Tremblay, T. Webster.
West: B. Campbell, R. Climie, W. Connelly, B. Crashley, J. Garrett, A. Hamilton, G. Howe, F. Huck, F. Hughes, B. Hull, D. Lawson, L. Lund, R. MacSweyn, J. Norris, G. Odrowski, R. Perkins, P. Popiel, R. Smith, M. Tardif, E. Wakely, M. Walton.
First Period - 1. East, R. Houle (S. Bernier, R. Paiement) 2:11. 2. East, R. Backstrom (W. Carleton, P. Stapleton) 8:02. 3. East, L. Pleau 10:39. 4. West, M. Walton (D. Lawson) 14:55. 5. East, G. Pinder (A. Lacroix, P. Shmyr) 16:38. 6. East, A. Lacroix (G. Pinder, G. Jarrett) 19:12.
Penalties: R. Ley, East (interference) 6:34.
Second Period - 7. West, M. Walton (M. Tardif, B. Hull) 7:27. 8. East, R. Paiement (R. Backstrom) 9:15. 9. West, M. Walton (A. Hamilton, R. Climie) 16:04. 10. West, L. Lund (A. Hamilton, F. Hughes) 17:38.
Penalties: T. Webster, East (tripping) 6:31.
Third Period - 11. East, A. Lacroix (G. Jarrett, R. Climie) 9:17. 12. East, L. Pleau (H. Harris, T. Webster) 18:59.
Penalties: R. Climie, West (hooking) 2:43.

East 10 12 10 - 32
West 10 13 7 - 30

Goaltending: G. Cheevers, East, G. Gratton, East. J. Norris, West, J. Garrett, West, E. Wakely, West.
Attendance: 13,196.
East Coach: Jack Kelley.
West Coach: Bobby Hull.

World Hockey Association Game Summary
East All-Stars 4 at West All-Stars 6
Edmonton Coliseum
January 21, 1975
East: R. Backstrom, S. Bernier, A. Brown, G. Cheevers, W. Dillon, J. Dorey, P. Henderson, D. Hoganson, R. Houle, R. Ley, F. Mahovlich, L. Pleau, B. Selwood, T. Simpson, A. Smith, P. Stapleton, M. Tardif, J. Tremblay, G. Veneruzzo, T. Webster.
West: D. Barrie, J. Daley, A. Hamilton, A. Hinse, G. Howe, Mark Howe, F. Huck, F. Hughes, B. Hull, A. Lacroix, D. Lawson, B. Long, L. Lund, D. McLeod, U. Nilsson, G. Odrowski, P. Popiel, W. Rutledge, J. Schella, L. Sjoberg, T. Taylor, M. Walton.
First Period - 1. West, Mark Howe (G. Howe, A. Lacroix) 7:08. 2. West, A. Hinse (L. Lund, F. Hughes) 8:18. 3. East, M. Tardif (R. Houle, B. Selwood) 13:32. 4. East, R. Houle (L. Pleau, J. Dorey) 17:37.
Penalties: None.
Second Period - 5. West, B. Hull (D. Lawson) 4:23. 6. West, A. Hinse (F. Hughes, G. Odrowski) 6:35. 7. West, T. Taylor (A. Lacroix, J. Schella) 10:07. 8. West, G. Howe (A. Lacroix, Mark Howe) 11:53. 9. East, R. Houle (B. Selwood, J. Dorey) 14:32.
Penalties: None.
Third Period - 10. East, S. Bernier (M. Tardif, R. Houle) 11:20.
Penalties: None.

East 11 9 8 - 28
West 7 11 12 - 30

Goaltending: A. Smith, East, A. Brown, East, G. Cheevers, East. W. Rutledge, West, D. McLeod, West, J. Daley, West.
Attendance: 15,326.
East Coach: Ron Ryan.
West Coach: Bill Dineen.

World Hockey Association Game Summary
Canada All-Stars 6 at U.S. All-Stars 1
Richfield Coliseum
January 13, 1976
Canada: T. Bergman, S. Bernier, C. Bordeleau, R. Cloutier, J. Daley, A. Hedberg, L. Hornung, R. Houle, B. Hull, D. Lawson, B. Long, F. Mahovlich, D. McLeod, J. Miszuk, V. Nedomansky, U. Nilsson, R. Patenaude, J. Shaw, L. Sjoberg, M. Tardif, P. Terbenche.
U.S.A.: C. Abrahamsson, R. Backstrom, D. Borgeson, W. Carleton, G. Cheevers, R. Ftorek, G. Howe, Mark Howe, Marty Howe, D. Keon, A. Lacroix, C. Larose, R. Ley, K. Morrison, G. Peacosh, J. Schella, P. Shmyr, P. Stapleton, M. Walton, T. Webster.
First Period - No scoring.
Penalties: R. Ley, USA 0:29; J. Schella, USA 8:37; B. Hull, Can 8:37; R. Patenaude, Can 12:48.
Second Period - 1. Canada, R. Cloutier (M. Tardif) 1:45. 2. Canada, F. Mahovlich (T. Bergman) 11:50. 3. Canada, R. Cloutier (L. Sjoberg, C. Bordeleau) 16:44.
Penalties: R. Backstrom, USA 14:56; B. Long, Can 18:03.
Third Period - 4. Canada, D. Lawson 3:50. 5. U.S.A., A. Lacroix (R. Ley) 13:26. 6. Canada, U. Nilsson (A. Hedberg, J. Miszuk) 15:33. 7. Canada, R. Cloutier (C. Bordeleau, M. Tardif) 18:04.
Penalties: V. Nedomansky, Can 3:32; B. Long, Can 18:45.

Canada 8 9 13 - 30
U.S.A. 9 9 7 - 25

Goaltending: J. Shaw, Can, D. McLeod, Can, J. Daley, Can. G. Cheevers, USA, C. Abrahamsson, USA.
Attendance: 15,491.
Canada Coach: Jean-Guy Gendron.
U.S.A. Coach: Bill Dineen.

World Hockey Association Game Summary
West All-Stars 2 at East All-Stars 4
Hartford Civic Center
January 18, 1977
West: T. Bergman, C. Connor, J. Daley, N. Ferguson, R. Ftorek, D. Hall, A. Hedberg, G. Howe, B. Hull, A. Lacroix, D. Lawson, W. Lindstrom, K. Morrison, U. Nilsson, J. Noris, P. Popiel, W. Rutledge, P. Shmyr, P. Terbenche, B. Wilkins.
East: T. Abrahamsson, R. Backstrom, S. Bernier, R. Cloutier, J. Garrett, H. Harris, J. Hughes, R. Leduc, L. Levasseur, G. Lyle, B. MacDonald, M. Napier, M. Parizeau, R. Plumb, G. Roberts, M. Rogers, D. Sobchuk, P. Stapleton, M. Tardif, J. Tremblay.
First Period - 1. East, J. Tremblay (R. Leduc, D. Sobchuk) 11:17. 2. West, P. Shmyr (W. Lindstrom, A. Lacroix) 11:58. 3. East, M. Tardif (P. Stapleton, S. Bernier) 14:56.
Penalties: R. Cloutier, East (hooking) 15:29.
Second Period - No scoring.
Penalties: None.
Third Period - 4. West, W. Lindstrom (B. Wilkins) 4:07. 5. East, R. Cloutier (M. Tardif, J. Hughes) 7:57. 6. East, G. Lyle (M. Rogers, T. Abrahamsson) 8:35.
Penalties: None.

West 18 20 13 - 51
East 7 11 9 - 27

Goaltending: J. Daley, West (29:40 L), W. Rutledge, West (30:20). J. Garrett, East (29:40 W), L. Levasseur, East (30:20).
Attendance: 10,337.
Referee: Ron Harris.
West Coach: Bobby Kromm.
East Coach: Jacques Demers.

rld Hockey Association Game Summary
League All-Stars 4 at Quebec Nordiques 5
Le Colisee
January 17, 1978
WHA: M. Antonovich, B. Flett, R. Ftorek, J. Garrett, A. Hamilton, A. Hedberg, G. Howe, Mark Howe, B. Hull, A. Lacroix, R. Ley, B. Long, M. Lukowich, M. Napier, U. Nilsson, R. Patenaude, G. Roberts, L. Sjoberg, A. Smith, P. Stapleton.
Quebec: P. Baxter, J. Bernier, S. Bernier, P. Bordeleau, A. Boudrias, C. Brackenbury, K. Broderick, R. Cloutier, C. Constantin, J. Corsi, J. Dorey, N. Dube, C. Evans, B. Fitchner, M. Hagman, G. Lariviere, W. Miller, S. Sutherland, M. Tardif, J. Tremblay.
First Period - 1. Quebec, M. Hagman (M. Tardif) 12:56. 2. WHA, Mark Howe (B. Flett, L. Sjoberg) 14:50. 3. WHA, A. Hedberg (B. Hull) 18:57. 4. WHA, M. Lukowich (A. Lacroix, B. Long) 19:10.
Penalties: None.
Second Period - 5. WHA, B. Flett (Mark Howe) 7:07. 6. Quebec, W. Miller (M. Hagman, M. Tardif) 10:01. 7. Quebec, P. Baxter (M. Tardif, B. Fitchner) 12:14. 8. Quebec, M. Tardif (A. Boudrias) 17:51.
Penalties: S. Sutherland, Que 4:10; A. Hamilton, WHA 11:07; G. Roberts, WHA 16:56.
Third Period - 9. Quebec, M. Hagman (M. Tardif, J. Tremblay) 14:12.
Penalties: P. Stapleton, WHA 13:04.

WHA 10 14 8 - 32
Quebec 9 12 11 - 32

Goaltending: A. Smith, WHA, J. Garrett, WHA. K. Broderick, Que, J. Corsi, Que.
Attendance: 6,413.
WHA Coach: Bill Dineen.
Quebec Coach: Marc Boileau.

World Hockey Association Game Summary
Moscow Dynamo 2 at League All-Stars 4
Edmonton Coliseum
January 2, 1979
First Period - 1. WHA, W. Gretzky (Mark Howe, P. Shmyr) 0:35. 2. Moscow, A. Frolikov (S. Tukmachev, A. Filippov) 14:20. 3. Moscow, V. Semenov (V. Khatulev) 18:08.
Penalties: G. Howe, WHA 2:36.
Second Period - 4. WHA, W. Gretzky (G. Howe, Mark Howe) 16:29.
Penalties: B. Long, WHA 13:17.
Third Period - 5. WHA, Mark Howe (W. Gretzky, G. Howe) 7:02. 6. WHA, P. Sullivan 19:51.
Penalties: None.

Moscow 8 6 7 - 21
WHA 12 8 10 - 30

Goaltending: S. Babariko, Mos (60:00 L). D. Dryden, WHA (60:00 21 shots, 19 saves W).
Attendance: 8,038.
Moscow Coach: Vladimir Kisiliov.
WHA Coach: Larry Hillman.

World Hockey Association Game SummaryMoscow Dynamo 2 at League All-Stars 4Edmonton ColiseumJanuary 4, 1979
First Period - 1. WHA, M. Lukowich (R. Ftorek, M. Gartner) 2:26. 2. Moscow, M. Shostak (A. Filippov, V. Shkurdiuk) 7:38. 3. WHA, Mark Howe (G. Howe, W. Gretzky) 9:27. 4. WHA, M. Gartner (M. Lukowich, P. Sullivan) 16:51.Penalties: J. Hughes, WHA 11:56.Second Period - 5. Moscow, V. Shkurdiuk (A. Lobanov) 19:44.Penalties: M. Gartner, WHA 9:05; J. Hughes, WHA 16:00.Third Period - 6. WHA, W. Gretzky (R. Ley) 5:45.Penalties: V. Shkurdiuk, Mos 4:57; S. Bernier, WHA 8:42; C. Alexander, WHA 11:15.Shots:

Moscow 4 10 8 - 22
WHA 17 8 12 - 37Goaltending: S. Babariko, Mos (60:00 37 shots, 33 saves L). M. Mattsson, WHA (60:00 22 shots, 20 saves W).Attendance: 11,220.Moscow Coach: Vladimir Kisiliov.WHA Coach: Larry Hillman.

World Hockey Association Game SummaryMoscow Dynamo 3 at League All-Stars 4Edmonton ColiseumJanuary 5, 1979
First Period - 1. WHA, M. Lukowich (M. Gartner) 1:46. 2. WHA, R. Ramage (B. MacDonald, D. Keon) 6:41. 3. Moscow, V. Shkurdiuk (V. Anisin, A. Volchenkov) 11:02. 4. Moscow, M. Shostak (M. Slipchenko, A. Frolikov) 11:43. 5. WHA, P. Sullivan 18:29.Penalties: S. Gimaev, Mos 3:31; G. Howe, WHA 9:57.Second Period - 6. WHA, S. Bernier (R. Ley, M. Gartner) 14:03.Penalties: S. Gimaev, Mos 0:06; S. Bernier, WHA 0:06; R. Ftorek, WHA 5:28; S. Gimaev, Mos 5:44; V. Popov, Mos 9:19.Third Period - 7. Moscow, V. Semenov (V. Popov, A. Lobanov) 13:12.Penalties: J. Hughes, WHA 11:07.Shots:

Moscow 8 2 9 - 19
WHA 13 11 5 - 29Goaltending: S. Babariko, Mos (60:00 29 shots, 25 saves L). M. Mattsson, WHA (60:00 19 shots, 16 saves W).Attendance: 15,590.Moscow Coach: Vladimir Kisiliov.WHA Coach: Larry Hillman.

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