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Email: Vintagehockeyjerseys@gmail.com

Telephone: 800-259-9916



Price listed is for the jersey with logo only, names and

numbers are extra unless otherwise specified​. 

The base price for all jerseys is $235.00.

We welcome your custom design projects,

new logo designs will incur an artwork fee


Sizes are listed in inches and are available in all even

numbers, ex:  48. 50. 52, 54, 56, 58, 60

To determine your size, take a jersey that fits you and lay it

flat. Take a tape measure and lay it across the jersey from

size seam to side seam (armpit to armpit). Then double the

number and that is your size. If the jersey measures 25"

across you are a size 50. Typically a large might be a 50,

extra large a 52 and an XXL a 54. See chart below.


You don't have to pay for your jersey until we receive it

from our manufacturer which can take as long as 8 weeks

or as little as 4 weeks.

On some orders we may require a check to be sent but the

check will not be deposited until your jersey is completed.

When you order we may require a credit card number to

secure your order but you will be billed through an online

payment service when your jersey is ready.