Style LI Ducks 04 red

Style LI Ducks 01 black

Long Island Ducks 1970 white jersey

Long Island Ducks 1965-66 red jersey with black collar, lace neck and two color drop shadow DUCKS lettered front logo 

Long Island Ducks 1961-62 first year jerseys above; one with a round logo, one with an alternate Duck logo and one with no logo at all.

Long Island Ducks 1963-65 white jersey with front logo

Long Island Ducks team picture showing V neck and lace neck style jerseys mixed together. These may have

been new players wearing the V neck jerseys and holdover players wearing the older lace neck style.

Style LI Ducks 03 red

Long Island Ducks 1969-70 red jersey black V-neck with white letters on front

Long Island Ducks EHL vintage hockey jerseys                    $235.00

Made from heavy game weight knit fabric with double elbows, double shoulders and 1970's style snap fight straps. This jersey is made by a former manufacturer of pro jerseys worn in the national, american and international leagues and represents the finest quality available in the industry. The front logo is embroidered or sewn on twill letters depending on which style of jersey you choose.

Long Island Ducks 1966-67 white jersey with letters replacing front logo

Early 1970's Long Island Ducks red jersey with white crew

neck and two color drop shadow DUCKS letters on front.

                                                                    Style LI Ducks 05 red

Long Island Ducks second year jersey 1962-63.

Style LI Ducks 02 white

Long Island Ducks 1972-73 late season jersey. The story behind this style is that they were worn only for a few games at the end of the season. And that when they arrived from the manufacturer the team was not happy with the look and wanted to send them back.

Style LI Ducks 06 white

Long Island Ducks 1965-66 team picture. John Brophy is in the top row, second from the left.