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          Memphis Red Wings vintage hockey jersey              $235.00

                               Made from heavy game weight doubleknit fabric with double elbows, double shoulders and 1960's style tie down fight straps. This jersey is made by a former manufacturer
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Glen Sather                                                           Norm Beaudin                                                          Joe Daley

The Memphis Wings were a professional ice hockey team in Memphis, Tennessee. They played from 1964–67 in the Central Professional Hockey League. As their name suggested, they were a farm team of the NHL's Detroit Red Wings.

The Red Wings' farm team was originally (in 1963–64) in Indianapolis. An arena explosion in November moved the team to become the Cincinnati Wings. The following season the team moved to Memphis.

The Wings missed the playoffs in their first two years. In 1966–67 they made it into the semi-final, which they lost in seven games to the Omaha Knights. Attendance in the first year was over 130,000, or over 3,700 a game. In 1966–67 the attendance was about 71,000, or just over 2,000 a game.

In 1967 the team moved to become the Fort Worth Wings. The team was replaced by the Memphis South Stars.