St Louis Flyers    vintage hockey jersey            $235.00

                               Made from heavy game weight mesh fabric with double elbows, double shoulders  This jersey is made by a former manufacturer. of pro jerseys worn in the national, american and international leagues and represents the finest quality available in the industry. The front logo is made from hand cot letters and hand sewn onto the garment.

The History of the St Louis Flyers

The St. Louis Flyers were a minor league ice hockey team, based in St. Louis, Missouri, playing home games at the St. Louis Arena in the Cheltenham, St. Louis neighborhood, across from Forest Park.

The Flyers played fourteen seasons in the American Hockey Association from 1928 to 1942, and played nine seasons in the American Hockey League from 1944–45 and 1952–53. This was St. Louis' first and only AHL team.