Our recreation of the classic look

of the Montreal Voyageurs front

logo and shoulder patch.

Your Custom Hockey Jersey call 800-259-9916 from USA or 716-602-4787 from Canada or Europe

Yes we can make that jersey that you always wanted. Whether it's a recreation of an old teams jersey or a custom jersey of your design. Our base jersey is made from polyester doubleknit,  mesh or airknit fabric.

What we need from you is:

1. A picture of the jersey either color or black and white. If the picture is black and white we need to know the colors. Our research can help here but you can usually find pictures at google images.

2. Some clear images of the logo are very helpful.

3. Size. Will the jersey be worn or displayed only? 

Your cost is $225.00 USD for each jersey in doubleknit fabric including the logo. Airknit fabric is $20 extra.


For new front logos their is an artwork charge of $20.00 for twill, felt of printed logos. Their is a $40.00 charge for artwork for embroidered logos.

We will make you one logo with no minimum order volume requirements.

For small logos such as shoulder patches the artwork fees are $20.00 for twill, felt and printed logos and $20.00 for embroidered logos.

We are the only garment maker that offers their customers the ability to make a high quality jersey with an embroidered logo without a minimum order of at least six jerseys. Your minimum order with us is just one jersey.

Your order must be prepaid by check. Please allow 4-8 weeks to complete your jersey. On some rare occasions your order may take longer such as when our logo maker is on vacation. Your check will not be cashed until your jersey has been received from our manufacturer. Sorry we do not accept credit cards or paypal.